2-Indolylmethylenebenzofuranones as first effective inhibitors of ABCC2  
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E. Baiceanu, K.-A. Nguyen, L. Gonzalez-Lobato, F. Loghin, M. Le Borgne, A. Boumendjel, M. Peuchmaur, P. Falson
Eur. J. Med. Chem, 2016, 122, 408-418
ABC-transporters play a vital role in drugs bioavailability. They prevent intracellular accumulation of toxic compounds, rendering them a major defense mechanism against harmful substances. In this large family, ABCC2∞ is an apical efflux pump representing about 10% of all membrane proteins in liver and small intestine and up to 25% in colon. In these tissues, ABCC2 plays a major role in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of endo- and xenobiotics. To gain insight in the function of this crucial protein, we have investigated and developed the first effective inhibitors of this pump. First, we set up a cellular flow cytometry assay for monitoring the drug efflux carried out by ABCC2, and used it for the screening of chemical libraries derived from several chemical calsses. We found that 2-Indolylmethylenebenzofuranone derivatives as promising candidates. Optimization of the found hits provided new compounds that inhibit ABCC2 in the micromolar range, making them the first potent ABCC2 inhibitors, reported so far. Such compounds would constitute valuable tools to further investigate the role of ABCC2 in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs.