Protéines ABC, membranes et passage membranaire  
Ferrocene-embedded flavonoids targeting the Achilles heel of multidrug-resistant cancer cells through collateral sensitivity.  
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Pérès B, Nasr R, Zarioh M, Lecerf-Schmidt F, Di Pietro A, Baubichon-Cortay H, Boumendjel A
Eur J Med Chem. 2017, 130, 346-353
With the aim to develop anticancer agents acting selectively against resistant tumor cells, we investigated ferrocene embedded into chalcone, aurone and flavone skeletons. These compounds were conceived and then investigated based on the concept of collateral sensitivity, where the target is the Achilles Heel of cancer cells overexpressing the multidrug ABC transporter MRP1. The 14 synthesized compounds were evaluated for their ability to induce efflux of glutathione (GSH) from tumor cells overexpressing MRP1. When tested at 5 and 20 μM, at least one compound from each series was found to be a highly inducer of GSH efflux. The different compounds inducing a high efflux of GSH were evaluated on both sensitive and resistant cell lines, and two of them, belonging to the flavones class were found to be more cytotoxic on resistant cancer cells, with the best selectivity ratio >9.1. Our results bring chemical and biological bases for further optimization.