Capillary electrophoretic apparatus for the endpoint detection in microtitration methods  
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F. Oukacine, L. Choisnard, A. Gèze, E. Peyrin
J. Chromatogr. A, 2019
Titration methods are routinely used in the laboratories for the quantification of acids and bases, for the complexometric determination of metal ions and for the ion-pair titrations of drugs in pharmaceutical control. They also find application in a wide variety of chemical and biochemical studies. However, conventional titration methods (CTM) require large amounts of samples that are not always available. In absence of micro-titrator devices, the application of these methods for expensive samples and for small batch sizes is not possible. In this work, it was demonstrated that the commercial capillary electrophoretic apparatus (CEa) can be used, in a quick and easy way, for the end-point detection in a microtitration process. The proposed methodology exploits the change of the solutions conductivity during the titrations. The equivalent points can be easily located by plotting the change in electrical current as a function of the titrant volume added. More interestingly, only 1.1–1.5 mL of analyte solutions are required to establish the titration curves. The advantages and the limitations of the procedure are discussed in detail.