Post Doctorant au DPM depuis le 01-11-2017

Bureau : E201


Tel : 0476635299 - Fax : 0476635298

[] Service « Modélisation Moléculaire »


  • Molecular Modeling : Structure-Function-Dynamics relationships. We perform molecular dynamics/normal mode calculations/molecular docking simulations to study mechanistic pathways in proteins, and ligand and protein binding events; we propose structural hypotheses for chemical drug and protein designs. Theoretical hypotheses are compared to experimental data obtained by collaborators.

  • Analyse structurale et étude des interactions. Méthodes spectrales, séparatives et biochimiques d'analyse structurale. modélisation moléculaire.

  • Protein design: modulators of the coagulation cascade. Our aim is to provide structural hypotheses for the treatment of hemorrhages in patients affected with hemophilia or overdoses of the new oral anticoagulants treatments. We target Factor Xa, and its interactions with the other serine proteases of the cascade, as well as Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor which controls the initiation complex of coagulation.