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 Equipe « NOVA »

Parcours et intérêts

2000 : thèse de doctorat Génie enzymatique, Bioconversion et Microbiologie.
2000-2001 : Ingénieur R&D groupe Chargeur
2001-2002 : ATER à l'IUP QEPI Univ. Science et techn. de Lille.
2002 : MCF Grenoble pharmacie.


  • Nouveaux systèmes d'administration. Dans le cadre de ce projet inter-équipe, l'objectif est de mettre au point des systèmes intelligents d'administration de nouveaux médicaments candidats d'une part, et d'autre part de développer des formes pharmaceutiques de médicaments disponibles dans le commerce, de manière plus adaptées aux besoins du patient. Le projet associe les compétences des deux équipes de l'unité, ainsi que celles du CHU Grenoble Alpes.

  • Mise au point de dispositifs d'analyse innovants. Ce projet comprend deux volets : d'une part, il s'agit de développer des tests de diagnostic faciles à utiliser, rapides, peu coûteux et/ou portables à l'aide d'aptamères, afin de facilité les soins aux patients ou de détecter les contaminants environnementaux ; d'autre part, l'objectif est d'établir de nouvelles stratégies de signalement pour le développement de dispositifs à haut débit et/ou haute sensibilité.


  • Article • Stability of fecal calprotectin extracts using the Diasorin® kit [Full paper ]

    B. Billet, L. Choisnard, P. Faure, D. Guicherd, E. Cussigh, E. Peyrin, C. Ravelet, B. Chovelon

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  • Article • Validation of HPLC and TLC analytical methods to determine radiochemical purity of 99mTc-cAbVCAM1-5, a new experimental radiotracer 

    Leenhardt, J. Mutin, J. Choisnard, L. Orhon, P. Lassiaz, M. Bacot, S. Ahmadi, M. De Leiris, N. Djaileb, L. Broisat, A. Ghezzi, C. Bedouch, P. Brunet, M. D.

  • Article • Comparative study of production and control processes of parenteral nutritional admixtures in neonatology [Full paper ]

    Bosson, A. Durand, M. Mazet, R. Jouannet-Romaszko, M. Chennell, P. Mounsef, F. Quessada, T. Choisnard, L. Bedouch, P.

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  • Article • Bacterial survival in radiopharmaceutical solutions: a critical impact on current practices [Full paper ]

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    EJNMMI Radiopharm. Chem. 2023

  • Article • COVID-19 mass vaccination - an illustration of the impact of syringe choice on the effectiveness of mass vaccination campaigns [Full paper ]

    Mazet R., Choisnard L., Leenhardt J., Epaulard O., Brudieu E., Bedouch P.

    Emerg Microbes Infect, 2022, 11, 804-806

  • Article • A quality by design approach for the qualification of automating compounding device for parenteral nutrition [Full paper ]

    Quentin Perrier, Marie Piquemal, Julien Leenhardt, Luc Choisnard, Roseline Mazet, Marie-Dominique Desruet, Marjorie Durand, Pierrick Bedouch

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  • Article • Stability of catecholamines in whole blood: Influence of time between collection and centrifugation [Full paper ]

    Q. Despinasse, L. Choisnard, P. Faure, D. Guicherd, E. Peyrin, C. Ravelet, B. Chovelon

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  • Article • Simultaneous analysis of PAH urinary mono- and dihydroxylated metabolites by GC-MS-MS following SPE and two-stage derivatization [Full paper ]

    M. Marques, A. Maitre, L. Choisnard, C. Demeilliers, R. Persoons

    Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 2021, 413, 6823 6835

  • Article • Quantification of ions and organic molecules, in nanoliter samples, in the absence of reference materials [Full paper ]

    L. Lavigne, L. Choisnard, E. Peyrin, F. Oukacine

    Anal. Chem. 2022, 94, 15546−15552

  • Article • Polymorphism of V-Amylose Cocrystallized with Aliphatic Diols [Full paper ]

    C. Anh Khanh Le, L. Choisnard, D. Wouessidjewe, J.-L. Putaux

    Polymer 2021, 213, 123302

  • Article • Crystal and Molecular Structure of V-Amylose Complexed with Ibuprofen [Full paper ]

    C. Anh Khanh Le, Y. Ogawa, F. Dubreuil, F. Grimaud, K. Mazeau, G. R. Ziegler, S. Tanwar, Y. Nishiyama, G. Potocki-Veronese, L. Choisnard, D. Wouessidjewe, J.-L. Putaux

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  • Article • Biopharmaceutical Assessment of Dexamethasone Acetate-Based Hydrogels Combining Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrins and Polysaccharides for Ocular Delivery [Full paper ]

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  • Article • Biodistribution and preliminary toxicity studies of nanoparticles made of Biotransesterified β–cyclodextrins and PEGylated phospholipids [Full paper ]

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  • Article • Investigation of Combined Cyclodextrin and Hydrogel Formulation for Ocular Delivery of Dexamethasone Acetate by Means of Experimental Designs 

    Roseline Mazet , Luc Choisnard , Delphine Levilly , Denis Wouessidjewe and Annabelle Gèze

    Pharmaceutics, 2018 , 10 , 249

  • Article • Self-assembly of amphiphilic biotransesterified B-cyclodextrins : supramolecular structure of nanoparticles and surface properties [Full paper ]

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  • Article • New nanoparticles obtained by co-​assembly of amphiphilic cyclodextrins and nonlamellar single-​chain lipids: Preparation and characterization [Full paper ]

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  • Article • Mesoporous self-​assembled nanoparticles of biotransesterified cyclodextrins and nonlamellar lipids as carriers of water-​insoluble substances [Full paper ]

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  • Article • Progress in developing amphiphilic cyclodextrin-based nanodevices for drug delivery 

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  • Article • Self-assembled biotransesterified cyclodextrins as potential Artemisinin nanocarriers. II: In vitro behavior toward the immune system and in vivo biodistribution assessment of unloaded nanoparticles [Full paper ]

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  • Article • Design of hyaluronan-based dopant for conductive and resorbable PEDOT ink [Full paper ]

    M. Leprince, P. Mailley, L. Choisnard, R. Auzély-Velty, I. Texier

    Carbohydr. Polym. 2023, 301

  • Article • Toward non-factor therapy in hemophilia: an antithrombin insensitive Gla-domainless factor Xa as tissue factor pathway inhibitor bait [Full paper ]

    M.-C. Dagher, A. Ersayin, L. Seyve, M. Castellan, C. Moreau, L. Choisnard, N. Thielens, R. Marlu, B. Polack, A. Thomas

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  • Article • Crystal and molecular structure of V-amylose complexed with butan-1-ol [Full paper ]

    C. A. K. Le, K. Mazeau, Y. Nishiyama, Y. Ogawa, L. Choisnard, D. Wouessidjewe,

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  • Article • Topological defects in polycrystalline hexosomes from β-cyclodextrin fatty esters [Full paper ]

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    Soft Matter, 2022, 18, 2028-2038

  • Article • Helical Inclusion Complexes of Amylose with Aromatic Compounds: Crystallographic Evidence for New V-type Allomorphs [Full paper ]

    Le, C. A. K. Ogawa, Y. Grimaud, F. Nishiyama, Y. Morfin, I. Potocki-Veronese, G. Choisnard, L. Wouessidjewe, D. Putaux, J. L.

    Crystal Growth & Design 2022

  • Article • Optimizing chitin depolymerization by lysozyme to long-chain oligosaccharides [Full paper ]

    A. Masselin, A. Rousseau, S. Pradeau, L. Fort, R. Gueret, L. Buon, S. Armand, S. Cottaz, L. Choisnard, S. Fort

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  • Article • Comparison of three automated compounding devices for parenteral nutrition according to four key technical tests [Full paper ]

    Julien Leenhardt; Marjorie Durand; Luc Choisnard; Marie-Dominique Desruet; Roseline Mazet; Pierrick Bedouch

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  • Article • Pharmacokinetic study of intravenously administered artemisinin-loaded surface-decorated amphiphilic γ-cyclodextrin nanoparticles [Full paper ]

    J. Boumbéwendin Gérard Yaméogo, R. Mazet, D. Wouessidjewe, L. Choisnard, D. Godin-Ribuot, J.-L. Putaux, R. Semdé, A. Gèze

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  • Article • Recent Advances in the Design of Topical Ophthalmic Delivery Systems in the Treatment of Ocular Surface Inflammation and Their Biopharmaceutical Evaluation 

    Mazet, R. Yameogo, J. B. G. Wouessidjewe, D. Choisnard, L. Geze, A.

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  • Article • Capillary electrophoretic apparatus for the endpoint detection in microtitration methods [Full paper ]

    F. Oukacine, L. Choisnard, A. Gèze, E. Peyrin

    J. Chromatogr. A, 2019

  • Article • Single Crystals of V-Amylose Complexed with Bicyclic Organic Compounds. Special Issue: Polymer‐Solvent Complexes and Intercalates  [Full paper ]

    Cong‐Anh‐Khanh Le Luc Choisnard Denis Wouessidjewe Jean‐Luc Putaux


  • Article • Urinary trans-anti-7,8,9,10-tetrahydroxy-7,8,9,10-tetrahydrobenzo(a) pyrene as the most relevant biomarker for assessing carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons exposure [Full paper ]

    Damien Barbeau, Simon Lutier, Luc Choisnard, Marie Marques, Renaud Persoons, Anne Maitre

    Environment International, 2018, 112, 147–155

  • Article • Inline coupling of electrokinetic preconcentration method to Taylor dispersion analysis for size-based characterization of low-UV-absorbing nanoparticles [Full paper ]

    F. Oukacine, A. Gèze, L. Choisnard, JL. Putaux, JP. Stahl, E. Peyrin

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  • Article • Polymorphism of crystalline complexes of V-amylose with fatty acids [Full paper ]

    Cong-Anh-Khanh Le, Luc Choisnard, Denis Wouessidjewe, Jean-Luc Putaux

    International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2018,119, 555-564

  • Oral Comm • Le nettoyeur à vapeur a-t-il une place dans la prise en charge des dispositifs médicaux réutilisables à corps creux en stérilisation? 

    A. Bros, R. Mazet, L. Choisnard, N. Sylvoz, P. Bedouch, C. Guimier-Pingault

  • Article • The water test could be a good indication to evaluate the effectiveness of the sterile barrier system of rigid sterilization containers. [Full paper ]

    L. Decarout, C. Lambert, L. Choisnard, C. Andonian, C. Fayard

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  • Article • Colorimetric nanosensor based on a selective target-responsive aptamer kissing complex [Full paper ]

    E. Goux, E. Dausse, V. Guieu, L. Azéma, G. Durand, M. Henry, L. Choisnard, J-J. Toulmé, C. Ravelet, E. Peyrin

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  • Book • Validation de la robustesse d'une méthode analytique par plan d'experiences 

    Morgan Germa, Luc Choisnard

    2015 • 1-4, - Paris

  • Article • Bioesterified polysubstituted-cycloedxtrin/surfactant nanoparticles obtained by multilevel self-assembly 

    L.Zerkoune, A. Angelova, L. Choisnard, A. Gèze, D. Wouessidjewe, S. Lesieur

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  • Article • Self-assembled biotransesterified cyclodextrins as artemisinin nanocarriers - I : Formulation, lyoavailability and in vitro antimalarial activity assessment 

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  • Article • Physicochemical Characterization of of a-, β-, and γ-Cyclodextrins Bioesterified with Decanoate Chains Used As Building Blocks of Colloidal Nanoparticles 

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  • Article • Antimitotic and antiproliferative activities of chalcones: Forward structure-activity relationship 

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