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  • Article • Polymorphism of V-Amylose Cocrystallized with Aliphatic Diols [Full paper ]

    C. Anh Khanh Le, L. Choisnard, D. Wouessidjewe, J.-L. Putaux

    Polymer 2021, 213, 123302

  • Article • Crystal and Molecular Structure of V-Amylose Complexed with Ibuprofen [Full paper ]

    C. Anh Khanh Le, Y. Ogawa, F. Dubreuil, F. Grimaud, K. Mazeau, G. R. Ziegler, S. Tanwar, Y. Nishiyama, G. Potocki-Veronese, L. Choisnard, D. Wouessidjewe, J.-L. Putaux

    Carbohydr. Polym. 2021, 261, 117885

  • Article • Biopharmaceutical Assessment of Dexamethasone Acetate-Based Hydrogels Combining Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrins and Polysaccharides for Ocular Delivery [Full paper ]

    azet, R. Garcia-Otero, X. Choisnard, L. Wouessidjewe, D. Verdoot, V. Bossard, F. Diaz-Tome, V. Blanc-Marquis, V. Otero-Espinar, F. J. Fernandez-Ferreiro, A. Geze, A.

    Pharmaceutics 2020, 12 (8), 717

  • Article • Biodistribution and preliminary toxicity studies of nanoparticles made of Biotransesterified β–cyclodextrins and PEGylated phospholipids [Full paper ]

    P. Perret, S. Bacot, A. Gèze, A. Gentil Dit Maurin, M. Debiossat, A. Soubies, V. Blanc-Marquis, L. Choisnard, J. Boutonnat, C. Ghezzi, J.L. Putaux, C. Lancelon-Pin, L.M. Riou,⁎, D. Wouessidjewe

    Materials Science & Engineering C 2018, 85, 7-17

  • Article • Investigation of Combined Cyclodextrin and Hydrogel Formulation for Ocular Delivery of Dexamethasone Acetate by Means of Experimental Designs 

    Roseline Mazet , Luc Choisnard , Delphine Levilly , Denis Wouessidjewe and Annabelle Gèze

    Pharmaceutics, 2018 , 10 , 249

  • Article • Self-assembly of amphiphilic biotransesterified B-cyclodextrins : supramolecular structure of nanoparticles and surface properties [Full paper ]

    Jean-Luc Putaux, Christine Lancelon-Pin, François-Xavier Legrand, Marion Pastrello, Luc Choisnard, Annabelle Gèze, Cyrille Rochas and Denis Wouessidjewe

    Langmuir 2017, 33, 7917–7928

  • Article • New nanoparticles obtained by co-​assembly of amphiphilic cyclodextrins and nonlamellar single-​chain lipids: Preparation and characterization [Full paper ]

    Nguyen, C-H ; Putaux, J-L; Santoni, G; Tfaili, S; Fourmentin, S; Coty, J-B; Choisnard, L; Geze, A; Wouessidjewe, D; Barratt, G; Lesieur, S; Legrand, F-X

    Int. J. Pharm. 2017, 531(2), 444-456

  • Article • Biocompatible Double-Membrane Hydrogels from Cationic Cellulose Nanocrystals and Anionic Alginate as Complexing Drugs Codelivery [Full paper ]

    Ning Lin, Annabelle Gèze, Denis Wouessidjewe, Jin Huang, and Alain Dufresne

    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, 8(11), 6880-6889

  • Article • Mesoporous self-​assembled nanoparticles of biotransesterified cyclodextrins and nonlamellar lipids as carriers of water-​insoluble substances [Full paper ]

    Zerkoune, Leila; Lesieur, Sylviane; Putaux, Jean-Luc; Choisnard, Luc; Geze, Annabelle; Wouessidjewe, Denis; Angelov, Borislav; Vebert-Nardin, Corinne; Doutch, James; Angelova, Angelina

    Soft Matter, 2016, 12, 7539-7550

  • Article • Progress in developing amphiphilic cyclodextrin-based nanodevices for drug delivery 

    J. Yameogo, A. Geze, L. Choisnard, J-L. Putaux, S. Semde, D. Wouessidjewe

    Current Topics in medicinal chemistry, 14, 526-541

  • Article • Self-assembled biotransesterified cyclodextrins as potential Artemisinin nanocarriers. II: In vitro behavior toward the immune system and in vivo biodistribution assessment of unloaded nanoparticles [Full paper ]

    J. B.G. Yaméogo, A. Gèze, L. Choisnard, J-L Putaux, R. Mazet, C. Passirani, M. Keramidas, J-L Coll, N. Lautram, J. Bejaud, R. Semdé, D. Wouessidjewe

    European Journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics, 88, 683-694

  • Article • Topological defects in polycrystalline hexosomes from β-cyclodextrin fatty esters [Full paper ]

    Putaux, J. L. Lancelon-Pin, C. Choisnard, L. Gèze, A. Wouessidjewe, D.

    Soft Matter, 2022, 18, 2028-2038

  • Article • Helical Inclusion Complexes of Amylose with Aromatic Compounds: Crystallographic Evidence for New V-type Allomorphs [Full paper ]

    Le, C. A. K. Ogawa, Y. Grimaud, F. Nishiyama, Y. Morfin, I. Potocki-Veronese, G. Choisnard, L. Wouessidjewe, D. Putaux, J. L.

    Crystal Growth & Design 2022

  • Article • Pharmacokinetic study of intravenously administered artemisinin-loaded surface-decorated amphiphilic γ-cyclodextrin nanoparticles [Full paper ]

    J. Boumbéwendin Gérard Yaméogo, R. Mazet, D. Wouessidjewe, L. Choisnard, D. Godin-Ribuot, J.-L. Putaux, R. Semdé, A. Gèze

    Mat. Sci. Engin. C 2020, 106, 110281

  • Article • Recent Advances in the Design of Topical Ophthalmic Delivery Systems in the Treatment of Ocular Surface Inflammation and Their Biopharmaceutical Evaluation 

    Mazet, R. Yameogo, J. B. G. Wouessidjewe, D. Choisnard, L. Geze, A.

    Pharmaceutics, 2020, 12 (6), 570

  • Article • Single Crystals of V-Amylose Complexed with Bicyclic Organic Compounds. Special Issue: Polymer‐Solvent Complexes and Intercalates  [Full paper ]

    Cong‐Anh‐Khanh Le Luc Choisnard Denis Wouessidjewe Jean‐Luc Putaux


  • Article • Polymorphism of crystalline complexes of V-amylose with fatty acids [Full paper ]

    Cong-Anh-Khanh Le, Luc Choisnard, Denis Wouessidjewe, Jean-Luc Putaux

    International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2018,119, 555-564

  • Article • Bioesterified polysubstituted-cycloedxtrin/surfactant nanoparticles obtained by multilevel self-assembly 

    L.Zerkoune, A. Angelova, L. Choisnard, A. Gèze, D. Wouessidjewe, S. Lesieur

    ICOMF14 Proceedings, MATEC Web of conferences, 2013, 4, 05001

  • Article • Monodisperse nanoparticles from self-assembling amphiphilic cyclodextrin: modulable tools for the encapsulation and controlled release of pharmaceuticals 

    A. Mendez-Ardoy, M. Gomez Garcia, A. Geze, J.-L. Putaux, D. Wouessidjewe, C. Ortiz Mellet, J. Defaye, J. M. Garcia Fernandez, J. M. Benito

    Med. Chem. 2012, 8, 524-532.

  • Article • Self-assembled biotransesterified cyclodextrins as artemisinin nanocarriers - I : Formulation, lyoavailability and in vitro antimalarial activity assessment 

    Josias B.G. Yameogo, c, Annabelle Geze, , Luc Choisnard, Jean-Luc Putaux, Adama Gansane, Sodiomon B. Sirimad, Rasmane Semde, Denis Wouessidjewe

    Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm, 2012, 80(3), 508-517.

  • Article • Physicochemical Characterization of of a-, β-, and γ-Cyclodextrins Bioesterified with Decanoate Chains Used As Building Blocks of Colloidal Nanoparticles 

    L. Choisnard, A. Gèze, C. Vanhaverbeke, J. B. G. Yamogo, J.-L. Putaux, B. Brasme, L. Jullien, S. Boullanger, C. Elfakir, D. Wouessidjewe

    Biomacromolecules, 2011, 12(8), 3031-3038.

  • Article • Colloidal systems made of biotransesterified alpha, beta, and gamma cyclodextrins grafted with C10 alkyl chains 

    A. Geze, L. Choisnard, J-L. Putaux, D. Wouessidjewe

    Materials science and engineering, 2009 ,C29,458-462

  • Article • Characterisation of complex amphiphilic cyclodextrin mixtures by high-performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. 

    F. Kieken, C. West, K. Keddadouche, C. Elfakir, L. Choisnard, A. Gèze, D. Wouessidjewe

    J. Chrom. A, 2008, 1189, 385-391.

  • Article • Poudres, granulés et comprimés dans Pharmacie Galénique : Formulation et technologie Pharmaceutique 

    V. Busignies, D. Chulia, L. Choisnard, R. de Challemaison, A. Geze, S. Stainmesse, J. Siepmann, P. Tchoreloff, M. Viana, P. Wehrlé, D. Wouessidjewe,

    Editions Maloine 2007, Chapitre 2, 1-45.

  • Article • Formes galéniques en développement dans Pharmacie Galénique : Formulation et technologie Pharmaceutique 

    S. Begu, A. Bochot, L. Choisnard, P. Couvreur, D. Duchene, F. Edwards, E. Fattal, A. Geze, G. Ponchel, V. Preat, C. Tourne-Petaeille, D. Wouessidjewe

    Editions Maloine. 2007, Chapitre 8, 1-36.

  • Article • Miscellaneous nanoaggregates made of beta-CD esters synthesised by an enzymatic pathway 

    L. Choisnard, A. Geze, B.G.J. Yaméogo, J-L. Putaux, D. Wouessidjewe

    Int. J. Pharm. 2007, 344, 26-32.

  • Article • Biodistribution of intravenously administered amphiphilic beta-cyclodxetrin nanospheres 

    A. Geze, L. Tieu Chau, L. Choisnard, J.-P. Mathieu, D. Marti-Batlle, L. Riou, J.-P. Putaux, D. Wouessidjewe

    Int. J. Pharm. 2007, 344, 135-142.

  • Book • Pharmacie Galénique : Formulation et technologie Pharmaceutique 

    poudres, granulés et comprimés dans Pharmacie Galénique

    V. Busignies, D. Chulia, L. Choisnard, R. de Challemaison, A. Gèze, S. Stainmesse, J. Siepmann, P. Tchoreloff, M. Viana, P. Wehrlé, D. Wouessidjewe

    2007 • 1-44, Maloine - Paris

  • Book • Pharmacie Galenique : Formulation et technologie pharmaceutique 

    Formes galéniques en développement dans Pharmacie Galénique

    S. Begu, A. Bochot, L. Choisnard, P. Couvreur, D. Duchene, F. Edwards, E. Fattal, A. Geze, G. Ponchel, V. Preat, C. Tourné-Peteilh, D. Wouessidjewe

    2007 • 250-289, Maloine - Paris

  • Article • Nanoparticles of b-cyclodextrin esters obtained by self-assembling of biotransesterified b-cyclodextrin 

    L. Choisnard, A. Geze, J.L. Putaux, Y.S. Wong, D. Wouessidjewe

    Biomacromolecules 2006, 7, 515-520.

  • Article • Experimental design optimization for screening relvant free phenolic acids from various preparations used in Burkina Faso folk medicine 

    M. Kienbrebego, L. Choisnard, C. E. Lamien, A. Meda, D. Wouessidjewe, O. Nacoulma

    Afr. J. Trad. Comp. Alt. Med. 2006, 3, 115-128.

  • Patent • Preparation of nanosphere amphiphilic cyclodextrin derivatives as biological transporters 

    J. Defaye, P. Balbuena, J.M. Benito, A. Diaz Moscoso, C. Di Giorgio, J.M. Garcia Fernandez, A. Geze, M. Gomez Garcia, C. Ortiz Mellet, P. Vierling, D. Wouessidjewe

    2006 • CNRS

  • Article • Differential effects of cyclodextrins and derivatives on the biological behavior of the myocardial perfusion imaging agent 99mTcN-NOET 

    L. Riou, C. Ghezzi, D. Wouessidjewe, H. Law, J.-P. Mathieu, J. Defaye, R. Bontron, R. Pasqualini, D. Fagret

    Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 2005, 61, 40-49.

  • Article • Efficient size control of amphiphilic cyclodextrin nanoparticles through a statistical mixture design methodology. 

    L. Choisnard, A. Geze, M. Bigan, J. L. Putaux, D. Wouessidjewe

    J. Pharm. Pharmaceut. Sci. 2005, 8, 593-600

  • Article • Acute toxicity and antioxydant property of Striga hermonthica (Del) Benth (Scrophulariaceae) 

    M. Kiendrebeogo, M.-G. Dijoux-Franca,C-E. Lamien, A. Meda, D. Wouessidjewe, O.-G. Nacoulma.

    African J. Biotechn. 2005, 4, 919-922.

  • Article • Enhanced degradation of fluorene in soil slurry by Absidia cylindrospora and maltosyl-cyclodextrin 

    D. Garon, L. Sage, D. Wouessidjewe, F. Seigle-Murandi

    Chemosphere 2004, 56, 159-166.

  • Article • Long term stability study of amphiphilic b-cyclodextrin nanosphere suspensions monitored by dynamic light scattering and cryo-transmission electron microscopy 

    A. Gèze, J.-L. Putaux, L. Choisnard, P. Jéhan, D. Wouessidjewe

    J. Microencapsul. 2004, 21, 607-613.

  • Article • Stoichiometry and formation constants of six PAHs with gamma-cyclodextrin determined by high performance liquid chromatography using a cyano stationary phase 

    C. Ravelet, A. Ravel, C. Grosset, A. Villet, A. Geze, D. Wouessidjewe, E. Peyrin

    J. Liq. Chromatogr. Relat. Technol. 2002, 25, 421-432

  • Article • Chromatographic determination of the association constants between nimesulide and native and modified beta-cyclodextrins 

    C. Ravelet, A. Geze, A. Villet, C. Grosset, A. Ravel D. Wouessidjewe, E. Peyrin

    J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 2002, 29, 425-429

  • Article • Influence of chemical structure of amphiphilic b-cyclodextrins on their ability to form stable nanoparticles 

    A. Gèze, S. Aous, I. Baussanne, J.-L. Putaux, J. Defaye, D. Wouessidjewe

    Int. J. Pharm. 2002, 242, 301-305.

  • Article • Influence of surfactants on solubility and fungal degradation of fluorene 

    D. Garon, D. Krivobok, D. Wouessidjewe, F. Seigle-Murandi

    Chemosphere 2002, 47,303-309.

  • Article • Cyclodextrins in pharmaceutical nanoparticles (Revue) 

    D. Duchêne, G. Ponchel, D. Wouessidjewe, A. Bochot

    Biolog. J. Armenia 2001, 53, 125-135.

  • Patent • Multiparticulate pharmaceutical dosage form. 

    T. Beckert, L. Briand, G. Bergmann, M. Assmus, D. Wouessidjewe

    2000 • Roëhm Pharma Polymers, groupe Degussa