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  • Article • Crossing of the Cystic Barriers of Toxoplasma Gondii by the Fluorescent Coumarin Tetra-Cyclopeptide [Full paper ]

    C. Dard, B. Leforestier, F. Francisco Hilário, M. Dit Mady Traoré, M.-A. Lespinasse, B. Pérès, M.-C. Molina, R. Pereira de Freitas, A. Milet, D. Maubon, Y.-S. Wong

    Molecules 2021, 26, 7506

  • Article • Uncovering new structural insights for antimalarial activity from cost-effective aculeatin-like derivatives [Full paper ]

    Winkler, Matthias Maynadier, Marjorie Wein, Sharon Lespinasse, Marie-Ange Boumis, Giovanna Miele, Adriana E. Vial, Henri Wong, Yung-Sing

    Org. Biol. Chem. 2015, 13, 2064-2077

  • Article • Identification of novel specific reversal agents of the Leishmania LABCI4 transporter through screening and optimization of flavonoid and trolox derivatives. 

    J. Ignacio Manzano, F. Lecerf-Schmidt, M.-A. Lespinasse, A. Di Pietro, S. Castanys, A. Boumendjel, F. Gamarro

    Antimicrob Agents Chemotherapy. 2013, 57, 3719-3730.