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Le nettoyeur à vapeur a-t-il une place dans la prise en charge des dispositifs médicaux réutilisables à corps creux en stérilisation?  
A. Bros, R. Mazet, L. Choisnard, N. Sylvoz, P. Bedouch, C. Guimier-Pingault
Stérilisation Centrale 3/2018
In sterilization, the management of complex reusable medical devices is a major problem. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the steamer more and more used in place of the ultrasonic unit for the pre-cleaning step. We compared the efficiency of these two devices for the management of complex hollow-body medical devices, using the total residual protein assay with the BiCinchoninic acid Assay BCA method. Two types of medical devices (swabbable and non-swabbable) and two situations encountered in practice (desiccation of soil or not) have been investigated. We assembled a body of evidence that improved that the steamer is more efficient for hollow body devices. However, this equipment has limitations that lead us to favor single use for some complex medical devices.