Outils de formulation et de vectorisation de substances actives  
Mesoporous self-​assembled nanoparticles of biotransesterified cyclodextrins and nonlamellar lipids as carriers of water-​insoluble substances  
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Zerkoune, Leila; Lesieur, Sylviane; Putaux, Jean-Luc; Choisnard, Luc; Geze, Annabelle; Wouessidjewe, Denis; Angelov, Borislav; Vebert-Nardin, Corinne; Doutch, James; Angelova, Angelina
Soft Matter, 2016, 12, 7539-7550
Soft mesoporous hierarchically structured particles were created by the self-​assembly of an amphiphilic deep cavitand cyclodextrin βCD-​nC10 (degree of substitution n = 7.3)​, with a nanocavity grafted by multiple alkyl (C10) chains on the secondary face of the βCD macrocycle through enzymic biotransesterification, and the nonlamellar lipid monoolein (MO)​. The effect of the non-​ionic dispersing agent polysorbate 80 (P80) on the liq. cryst. organization of the nanocarriers and their stability was studied in the context of vesicle-​to-​cubosome transition. The coexistence of small vesicular and nanosponge membrane objects with bigger nanoparticles with inner multicompartment cubic lattice structures was established as a typical feature of the employed dispersion process. The cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (cryo-​TEM) images and small-​angle X-​ray scattering (SAXS) structural analyses revealed the dependence of the internal organization of the self-​assembled nanoparticles on the presence of embedded βCD-​nC10 deep cavitands in the lipid bilayers. The obtained results indicated that the incorporated amphiphilic βCD-​nC10 building blocks stabilize the cubic lattice packing in the lipid membrane particles, which displayed structural features beyond the traditional CD nanosponges. UV-​Vis spectroscopy was employed to characterize the nanoencapsulation of a model hydrophobic dimethylphenylazo-​naphthol guest compd. (Oil red) in the created nanocarriers. In perspective, these dual porosity carriers should be suitable for co-​encapsulation and sustained delivery of peptide, protein or siRNA biopharmaceuticals together with small mol. wt. drug compds. or imaging agents.